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Per O G Runberg, Violina Juliusdotter et al - Andor cover image, click for larger version.
Per Runberg, Violina
Juliusdotter et al

RELEASE DATE: May 4 2001
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Andor is the follow-up to the 1997 release Alder - a surprisingly successful attempt to create music exclusively on instruments that (probably) have been around since the Viking age, recorded in environments as far away from the studio as possible.

Andor was released in 2001 and takes the concept of Alder a few hundred years forward in time, possibly into early mideaval soundscapes. Per, Violina and the rest of the cast were recorded in earth cellars, churches, barns, outdoors and wherever else there were remote chances of rigging microphones, musicians and vocalists.

Luxuriously packaged ancient music, not to mention the elegant DigiPak cover.

1 Början  
2 Ack ack  
3 Du ligger så illa      
4 Malungsdansen      
5 Nöstmo Halvar    
6 Kom lille i gröna lunden      
7 Harpans kraft      
8 Hia hia svärmor    
9 Lavmannen      
10 Alder      
11 Ska du bli ma ut ô lunnje vö, drängfan?      
12 Hur du vänder dig    
13 Ko ack ack      
14 Leiken hass Steffa Henningsgaard      
15 Du är så vacker för mina ögon      
16 Rullande gubbe      
17 Så rider jag mig genom tolvmilanskog    
18 Slut      
Total playing time: 54 minutes 3 seconds
Ad Inexplorata 2001
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