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Beehive plains - Tape, cover image. Click for larger version.
Beehive plains

RELEASE DATE: May 27 2011

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The gentelemen behind the band Beehive Plains are Karl Gasleben (Twice a man), Peter Davidson (Blue for Two and The Butterfly Effect) and Olle Niklasson (who has been playing music with Bill Wyman, Ronnie Wood, Union Carbide Productions, among others). With over a hundred years of experience in mainly experimental music they have created an album that is more or less impossible to define.

"Tape" contains electronic loops, tablas, electric bass, saxophones and flutes, and the sum of the parts is a very special audio atmosphere that just screams for a motion picture to be the soundtrack of.<

1 Hypnotics
2 Your Land a Disco  
3 Wiredance    
4 I Can Hear Small Things Cry      
5 Metric Landmarks    
6 Endless Path      
7 Caterpillars    
8 14 Steps Away    
9 Hypnotics 2      
10 Hypnotics remix (Saint-Raphaël MCMLXXVI)  
Total playing time: 71 minutes 48 seconds
Xenophone Int. / Ad Inexplorata 2011
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