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Fake Moss - It's you against the City tonight CD cover image, click for larger version.
Fake Moss
It's you against the City tonight

RELEASE DATE: February 28 2004
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It's you against the city tonight is the debut full length album from Fake Moss. Eventhough the recording process was similar to the production of the first EP She''s smashing the room again, the recording sessions in rehearsal room were fewer this time.

Apart from the singles Movies och Highway in their original versions, the CD features a couple of genuinly energetic post punk moments, along with some certified Swedish Kraut (tm) and a few dark, melodic semi gothic tracks.

1 Trains and Satellites
2 Highway    
3 Little Honey  
4 2001    
5 Movies  
6 Be With Another Man    
7 At The Edge of Nothing  
8 Darkness  
9 Go West    
10 The Accident    
11 It's You Against the City Tonight  
Total playing time: 41 minutes 30 seconds
Ad Inexplorata 2004
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