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Nina Ödlund et al
Johannes och huldran

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The main content of this CD is a story written in 1936, by swedish author Gustav Sandgren. Since all words are in Swedish the need for a closer English description of the content seems quite uneccesary.

It's quite a good story though, touching subjects such as the conflict of owning things and being owned by things, and the urge within most of us to return to a less artificial life. If your interest in learning Swedish is limited, the CD also contains some good music tracks. A few of them performed by a very inspired Per O G Runberg.

The album is produced in association with The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

1 Hornmusik
2 Vårens födelse    
3 Spilåpipa och orrspel vid bäcken    
4 Den falska flykten      
5 Lyrisk sång      
6 Flykten från staden      
7 Långt bort i skogen      
8 Naturens rörelser och längtan    
9 Näckens fiol      
10 Huldresång      
11 Den första blicken      
12 Jordavalsen    
13 Blommande skogar      
14 Älskog      
15 Skogsråns polska      
16 Kling, klang klockan slår      
17 Eklundapolskan      
18 Återkomsten      
19 Aspdungens vita tystnad      
20 Hornmusik      
Total playing time: 68 minutes 43 seconds
Ad Inexplorata 1999
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