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Karin My - Silence Amgydala 02, click for larger version.
Karin My
Silence Amygdala 02

CD + Cassette + card + download
March 12, 2021
Out of stock
VAT & shipping included.


- 11 track album in matte finished 4-panel Digipak with 16-page booklet
- Audio numbered MC, with o-card, numbered J-card and print-on-body super ferric cassette (limited edition 15 copies)
- Signed postcard (size A5)
- High resolution digital download (wav 24bit 96kHz, link in parcel).

Delivery date March 12, 2021.
Please note: due to the current situation there may be unforseen delays, but we will do our best to deliver on time.

Total playing time: 45 minutes 25 seconds
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