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Pixyblink & Rhea Tucanae - Fungi from Yuggoth cover image, click for larger version.
Pixyblink &
Rhea Tucanae
Fungi from Yuggoth

RELEASE DATE: 5/6 2009
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With ill concealed pride we hereby present another co operation with Xenophone International. This time it's a CD by Rhea Tucanae (Dan Söderqvist from Twice a man) and the Californian ambient virotuoso of linguistics, Pixyblink.

In an internet based project they've created a quite fascinating musical interpretation of the poetry suite Fungi from Yuggoth, written in 1929 by the Weird Fiction-author H.P. Lovecraft. Sometimes exquisitely beautiful, sometimes quite frightening. Just like the words by Lovecraft, which in this case are read, hissed, whispered and sung by Pixyblink as well as Rhea.

The matte laminated DigiPak comes with a 16-page booklet, making the quality of the artwork match the audio.

1 The Book  
2 Pursuit    
3 Recognition    
4 Homecoming    
5 The Howler    
6 Star-Winds    
7 Antarctos      
8 The Window      
9 The Gardens of Yin    
10 Night-Gaunts    
11 Evening Star      
Total playing time: 44 minutes 6 seconds.
Xenophone Int. / Ad Inexplorata 2009
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