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Karin My - Silence Amygdala cover image, click for larger version.
Karin My
Silence Amygdala

DIGI PAK 4p + 16-page booklet
RELEASE DATE: March 12 2021

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The full-length debut from Karin My is simultaneously a collection of very dark fairy tales and a rather accessible pop album. An original sound - airy and eerie at the same time - on top of which Karin's subdued voice hovers.

Silence Amygala was written and recorded over several years in parallel with her work as a vocalist and musician, both live and in the studio, with bands like Twice a man, Carbon based lifeforms, Fake Moss, Coph Nia, Sync24, Peter Aries and Concrete Society. The last couple of years have seen a number of single releases by Karin My as a solo artist, accompanied by a string of experimental videos.

1 Letter
2 Winter Tree  
3 Time to Go      
4 Autumn    
5 Loop    
6 The Silence    
7 Stray from the Path      
8 World from Orbit      
9 Coming up for Air      
10 Homeward      
11 Silence Amygdala      
Total playing time: 45 minutes 29 seconds
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