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Twice a man


RELEASE DATE: April 30 2010
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Icicles was recorded between late 2008 and early 2010, except the track “Where are you now”, which materialized in 1991 and was completed in February of 2010. The text of "Wandering” is written by the American artist Mach Feedback and Tranquil Moonlit Lake (dedicated to Virginia Woolf) is a collaboration with Linda Bjalla from Japan.

The title reflects in part the exceptionally cold Swedish winter that surrounded the compilation of the album, but also represents the lyrical content.

The daintier arrangements from early albums such as The Sound Of A Goat In a Room (1983) and Music for Girls (1982) has returned, but in a more sonorous version. During the recording of Icicles, Dan also rediscovered the electric guitar.

1 A Letter  
2 Everything is possible
3 Wandering    
4 Walls      
5 Tranquil moonlit lake      
6 Follow a simple path    
7 Something Else      
8 Where are you now    
9 Fearless in the rain      
10 Moon    
Total playing time: 52 minutes 3 seconds
Yellow Ltd. / Xenophone International / Ad Inexplorata 2010
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