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Twice a man - Presence cover image. Click for larger version.
Twice a man

140g VINYL + CD
RELEASE DATE: Nov 6 2015
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Five years after their last official release, Icicles, Twice a man returns with an album that takes the sound and the traditional song structures from the earliest albums into the present day - seamlessly intertwined with the band's evolution throughout the two last decades.

In 2014, while marking the 30th anniversary of the album “From a Northern Shore”, keyboard player Jocke Söderqvist rejoined the band for the first time since the 1980's. The synergy effect was apparent and nine new songs were recorded. The tracks that made the cut were all conceived and pre-produced at the bands studio/rehearsal area on the Swedish west coast. Final production took place on the east coast, reasonably close to Stockholm, where old analogue equipment was dusted off to provide the broken, organic vibe needed to match the dark and in parts dystopian theme of the album.

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1 A Time of Terror  
2 Here Comes the Rain
3 A World is Gone      
4 Black      
5 Lines    
6 Presence    
7 Kick the Earthdrum    
8 Universal Stream    
9 High in the Clouds      
Total playing time: 44 minutes 47 seconds
Xenophone / Yellow / Ad Inexplorata 2015
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