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Twice a man
Slow Swirl

RELEASE DATE: December 29 2008
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Slow swirl was originally released on vinyl in 1985, containing music quite unique for the swedish scene at the time. Experimental, proto ambient and quite a few syntpop influences made this album better and far more original than all of the contemporaries (Depeche Mode not included).

The CD contains all 9 original songs plus 3 bonus tracks.

1 In thin air  
2 Out of focus  
3 Observations from a borderland    
4 Divided light    
5 Large glass    
6 Swirl      
7 Tribal ways    
8 Nowhere      
9 Plan F      
10 Only relief      
11 Japanese Letters    
Total playing time: 56 minutes 22 seconds
Xenophone International 1983-1985 Xenophone International / Ad Inexplorata 2008.
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