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Twice a man
The Sound of a Goat in a Room

RELEASE DATE: 1983/1997
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The Sound of a Goat in a Room was originally released in 1983
on Compact Cassette (!).

The CD-edition (remastered by Tom Meyer) from 1997, includes the
original twelve tracks as well as a quite odd Quicktime VR-file. Complex sound collages and proto-ambience versus borderline synth pop. Lovely.

1 Room I
2 Goat I  
3 Liquid Observations      
4 Voices      
5 Killing Angels      
6 Coffins of Snow    
7 Goat II      
8 Sorrow    
9 Balloons      
10 Talking to the Wall      
11 Goat III      
12 Room II      
Total playing time: 53 minutes 14 seconds
Xenophone 1983 / Yellow Ltd. 1997
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