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The Exploding Boy - The Black Album US edition cover image, click for larger version.
The Exploding Boy
The Black Album
US edition

RELEASE DATE: November 8 2011
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This Vendetta Music edition of The Black Album CD includes four extra tracks and comes in a very nice DigiPak. Other than that it is identical to the Ad Inexplorata version. This particular album won't be shipped to North America, so if you are geographically handicapped: go to the Vendetta Website >>

After releasing ”Afterglow” in 2009, The Exploding Boy played more than 30 live shows in Germany alone in support of the album. The singles ”London”, ”Heart Of Glass” and ”40 Days” all entered the top 10 on the official German alternative charts (DAC).

With "The Black Album" they have taken a few extra steps forward and further evolved and refined their own style and sound. Needless to say, they ended up on the road again about three minutes after the release of the album.

1 Human
2 I am Truth    
3 Torn    
4 Dark City    
5 Loneliness    
6 Sweet Little Lies    
7 Talking Back      
8 Get Out of My Head      
9 Here Comes the Rain      
10 The Man    
11 Heart of Glass    
12 London    
13 40 Days    
14 The Right Spot      
Total playing time: 57 minutes 40 seconds
Vendetta Music 2011
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