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Fake Moss
Under the great
black sky

RELEASE DATE: March 25 2016
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A strong, album oriented collection of songs by Fake Moss. In eleven emotionally detached observations, the versatile baritone of Erik Johnsson hovers over an unconventional, multi layered, and uncompromising production, describing events that may or may not have happened.

Dark programme music for those with an attention span exceeding two minutes (or 140 characters).

1 Wrap me in your hate, girl  
2 Electric night  
3 More than you      
4 In the car      
5 Drinking song    
6 Fear and motivation      
7 Les Mannequin    
8 My beautiful girl      
9 Cemetery walk      
10 Snow    
11 Under the great black sky    
Total playing time: 45 minutes 56 seconds
Ad Inexplorata 2016
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