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Twice a man - On the Other Side of the Mirror CD cover. Click for larger version.
Twice a man
On the Other Side of the Mirror

Vinyl LP
Matte black inner sleeve
RELEASE DATE: 12 June 2020
Out of stock

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In a state of constant evolution since the early 1980's, Twice a man enters the 2020's by constructing a slightly more organic sound as the foundation for their experimental electronic pop.

The bulk of "On the other side of the mirror" is heavy, powerful and insinuates dystopian science fiction, but, as can be expected, the versatility of the band shines through with hints of psychedelia, EBM and truly beautiful pop.

On the whole a versatile and very strong album, as well as the first traditionally song-based album from Twice a man since Presence (2015).

Total playing time: 35 minutes 14 seconds
Xenophone International / Ad Inexplorata 2020